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“I like my women how I like my coffee –– without pubic hair.”

A few years ago, a friend showed me the Tinder profile of a guy she was talking to and I laughed. It was crude but certainly more creative than others I’d seen with the same recycled pickup…

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*TW: Suicide

Dear T:

Is it possible to mourn for someone you didn’t really know?

Other than chatting in the few classes we shared in high school and then reconnecting half a decade later over Tinder, I can’t claim to know much about your life at all.

What I can…

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Sometimes I am in the abyss,

and sometimes,

I am the Abyss.

As the Abyss, I am always seeking light. Every pocket of sunrise that I swallow strikes me like lightning –– illuminating my insides for one clarifying second before it gets cleaved and absorbed into darkness too.

I think…

A couple hugs at the beach during sunset while holding their phones out and looking at them.
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I sit on the red carpet of medical examination rooms, trying to dance the delicate line between shifting to get into a more comfortable position and trying not to rip a hole in the paper sheet that lined the examination bench. I think about all the people that have sat…

When you engage in negative or discouraging self-talk, whose voice (or voices) are you borrowing from?

More often than not, I find that when my inner critic speaks to me, it is not actually my own voice.

Have I always talked to myself with such casual cruelness? Have I always…

ShanShan Guo

ShanShan is a writer, lawyer, and a lemon with imposter syndrome. She uses storytelling as her platform for human connection.

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